Dear ACA Intergroup:

We, the Intergroup Subcommittee of the ACA World Services Organization, are reaching out to warmlysay, “Hi.” Whether or not it has been a while since you have communicated with WSO, we are inviting your input and future communications. World-wide ACA now has over 100 Intergroups. Your Intergroup matters!!

Our committee is beginning the process of gathering information from all the ACA Intergroups in the World so that we may make recommendations to the World Service Organization that will better serve its Intergroup Members. We will be sending a “Needs Assessment” survey to each Intergroup in the near future. 

The survey will ask how your Intergroup is doing and what your needs, desires, and/or concerns may be. And if there are things the ACA organization could be doing to better serve your Intergroup, we want to know!To get this process started, we cordially ask you to confirm your receipt of this email by replying to the sender:

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In your response, please indicate which Intergroup you represent (including your WSO Intergroup ID number), and your service position in that intergroup. Please advise us if you would like us to contact your Intergroup via a different person or email address for the upcoming “Needs Assessment” survey.

Until we talk again, you are most welcome (and encouraged!) to attend our monthly conference calls.

Our Monthly Intergroup Subcommittee Teleconference call:

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  •  +1 929 205 6099 US (New York) 
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  • Meeting ID: 878 197 377

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In the spirit of ACA unity,WSO – Member ServicesIntergroup Subcommittee

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